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This is a Korean name ; the family name is Kim. Retrieved May 16, Archived from the original on June 1, Retrieved May 24, Retrieved January 10, Korea Music Content Industry Association. Retrieved April 20, Retrieved April 27, Retrieved October 26, Retrieved November 2, Retrieved November 9, Soammiga is afraid that Satawat will fall in love with Anusaniya, which leads her to hire someone to kidnap Anusaniya.

Satawat can save her. Anusaniya is impressed that Satawat risked his life to save her. Anusaniya takes care of Satawat who is injured. They spend time together on the island.

[연애말고 결혼 OST Part 3] 손호영 (Ho Young Son) , 데니안 (Danny Ahn) - 하루만 (One day) MV

Satawat and Anusaniya's relationship gets better. Chayakorn and Soammiga are furious. Soammiga and Chayakorn plan to destroy their marriage. Soammiga finds out that Saowaros needs money, and lures her in. Saowaros who is in financial trouble, gives Soammiga false hope that Satawat will come back to her when he divorces Anusaniya. Chayakorn witnesses that Satawat's family takes money from two women. He decides to help Soammiga reveal Satawat's true color to Anusaniya by giving Saowaros money.

Mirantee becomes upset when she learns of Chayakorn and Soammiga's plans. She decides to break up with Chayakorn, but instead, he breaks up with her. Mirantee is so sad because she can't change his heart. Soammiga wants to steal Satawat from Anusaniya, and reveal everything that could shame Anusaniya. Chayakorn can't believe that Soammiga tries to destroy Anusaniya's name, and he betrays Soammiga, which gets her very angry.

She drives her car into Chayakorn's car, which causes Chayakorn's car to crash and flip over. The car accident leaves him in a coma.

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Chayakorn always wanted to donate his organs once he dies. The family agrees that they will take Chayakorn's kidneys to transplant it into Nattapol. Doctors examine Chayakorn's liver and it is a match with Nattapol. It proves that Chayakorn is in fact the biological brother of Nattapol. The results surprise all of his sisters. They can't obstruct Angkarb and Chayakorn anymore because Chayakorn has the same rights to the company as everybody else. Soammiga continues to lie to Anusaniya that Satawat took her money for paying his debt.

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Chayakorn hasn't recovered yet. Anusaniya misunderstands that Satawat secretly has an affair with Soammiga to get money from Soammiga. Anusaniya is disappointed at Satawat because she thinks that he is a man of no honor, and asks him for a divorce. Satawat is so shocked when he finds out that Saowaros took money from Soammiga. Udomsak is so angry that Satawat fooled his daughter, so he kidnaps Saowaros, and demands Satawat to divorce Anusaniya in exchange with Satawat's mother's life.

While Satawat is proceeding to divorce Anusaniya, Soammiga finds out that Anusaniya is pregnant. She's afraid that Anusaniya will use the baby to keep Satawat. She is so angry, and attempts to run Anusaniya over with her car. Anusaniya is seriously injured but will survive. Anusaniya assures that she will divorce Satawat for getting her happy life back.

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Satawat believes that he is the reason why Anusaniya lost their child. Satawat continues with divorce proceedings, because he needs to repay that he can't protect his family. The police arrest Soammiga for crashing her car into Anusaniya. Udomsak threatens Satawat, and bribes him as a witness to help Soammiga get released from this case.

In exchange, Udomsak will release Saowaros. Anusaniya is deeply disappointed in Satawat because he protects Soammiga more than her.

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Chayakorn recovers, and learns that he really is the uncle of Anusaniya. Chayakorn knew that Satawat wanted to divorce Anusaniya when he became unconscious. Chayakorn also remembers that Satawat is the victim of Soammiga. Anusaniya didn't lose the baby, but she needed to eliminate Satawat from her life. So Anusaniya and her father lied about her losing the baby. Chayakorn feels guilty for playing a part in destroying the family of Satawat and Anusaniya. So when he learns that Satawat betrayed Udomsak by giving evidence to the police to implicate Soammiga.

Chayakorn tells him the truth about the child, because Satawat will have a chance to reconcile with Anusaniya. Satawat is so happy when he finds out that he didn't lose his child. After Policeman issue a warrant for Soammiga's arrest, Satawat decides not to divorce Anusaniya last minute, because he needs to start over with Anusaniya. But Anusaniya thinks that he has no way out because Soammiga has been arrested, and doesn't want a loser guy like him. Satawat tries to change Anusaniya's heart for recalling her confidence.

He asks her to give him 10 days to prove that Anusaniya and their unborn child need him. She gives in, and Satawat returns to live with her.

Anusaniya is still hard-hearted, and wants to fly overseas to spend her life as a single mom there. Satawat understands that she tries to get over him, and takes Chakree to replace him. Satawat is so hurt that Anusaniya doesn't want give him a second chance, but he is still willing to take care of her. He insists that Anusaniya stop working hard while pregnant. Anusaniya slowly realizes that she doesn't need to be rich and successful, because she is happy when she can be a good mother and a good wife of an ordinary guy.

Anusaniya learns about true love but she doesn't want to admit that she is falling in love with a guy who sold himself in exchange of his honor like Satawat.

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She refuses to be disappointed by him anymore. Chayakorn sees that Satawat is geeting along well with Anusaniya, but he has no one left. Even Mirantee won't forgive him. Chayakorn gets surgery to transfer a kidney to Nattapol because he needs to repay his kindness. Then, he reconciles with Mirantee. She gives him another chance, but she is still very cautious. Udomsak seeks to revenge his daughter. He sends a hit man to kill Satawat.